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The only baby mattress designed to keep your baby cooler, aid breathing and prevent flat head syndrome

Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome


View a range of videos about the SleepCurve range of baby mattresses.

Sleepcurve explained

Philip Owen, Cranial Osteopath, describes why a SleepCurve mattress is the best option for your baby; how it helps prevent and the self correction of Flat head Syndrome (Positional Plagiocephaly) and the other benefits it offers to aid a better night sleep for baby and the parents/carers.

Benefits of Sleepcurve mattresses

The unique patented design of SleepCurve mattresses are the result of more than a decade of work by Philip Owen, one of the UK’s leading cranial osteopaths, who specialises in treating babies from new-born onwards.

Sleepcurve Adjustability

To comply with FSID ‘feet-to-foot’ guidance, the SleepCurve cot mattresses incorporates a repositionable curve that has four levels of adjustability, allowing feet-to-foot from birth up until the child progresses from the cot. As the child grows, the curve can be moved up the mattress, allowing the curve to be positioned underneath the child’s head and the baby’s feet to the base of the cot.