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The only baby mattress designed to keep your baby cooler, aid breathing and prevent flat head syndrome

Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome

Preventing Torticollis



Preventing the Effects of Torticollis

Torticollis or wry-neck is an increasingly common condition in which a baby’s head rotation is restricted to one side. The restriction is often muscular and can have a number of causes including during pregnancy or from a strain during the birthing process. Babies who are born from Caesarean Section operation can also develop torticollis.

When a baby can only turn his/her head to one side the weight of the skull persistently rests on the same spot when a baby is lying on their back. Flat head syndrome will invariably start at an early age from this point unless your baby is on a SleepCurve© mattress, ensuring the downward pressure from the weight of the skull is properly supported and distributed.

The curve of a SleepCurve© mattress allows your baby’s head to turn freely and spreads the weight of the skull across shoulders and neck. This makes it even easier for your baby to turn their head and use their neck muscles.

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