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The only baby mattress designed to keep your baby cooler, aid breathing and prevent flat head syndrome

Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome

  • SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress shown without a cover or sheet with a baby demonstrating the unique ergonomic design.
  • SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress close up of curve with baby lying comfortably.
  • SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress shown without cover or sheet.
  • SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress shown with a baby without cover or sheet.
  • SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress shown without cover or sheet in a moses basket.
  • Baby sleeping on SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress with cover and sheet.

Moses Basket Mattress

The SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress is clinically proven to remedy and prevent Flat Head Syndrome and helps give your baby a better nights sleep.

Mattress Tick

Includes mattress protector and pair
of fitted sheets

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See how the Sleepcurve® mattress helps your baby sleep >

Tested and Approved by Alder Hey Childrens NHS Trust See the Results >

"The SleepCurve® mattress is amazing, it ticks so many boxes!"

"I initially decided to try the moses mattress as Elwood developed a slight flattening on one side of his head and I was told that the mattress could help, which it has, but it’s the other benefits which I like, for example when Elwood caught his first cold, the mattress was perfect for positioning his head so his airways were free and his sinuses never blocked. Day time was hard for him, but when night time came he slept right through. I highly recommend it"
Sherri Tai-Chidlow, mum to Elwood

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Watch Philip Owen, Sleepcurve's inventor explain how it works

Keep baby cooler and more comfortable

Your baby’s temperature is very important and care should be taken to avoid overheating. Ordinary cot or crib mattresses trap the heat against your baby’s body and head leading to discomfort. SleepCurve® mattresses feature intergrated, rounded channels so excess heat can escape, leaving your baby comfortable and happy.

Aid breathing and promote better posture

When a baby is lying on their back on a flat surface, the head is tilted down with the chin touching the top of the chest. This isn’t natural because it constricts the airways and a baby breathing like this is more likely not to sleep through the night. A SleepCurve® baby mattress allows the head to rest in a natural neutral position with the airways completely clear and babies breathing this way will be more comfortable and more likely to sleep through. Parents tell us that their babies sleep more peacefully and when babies catch a normal respiratory infection, they are less affected because the airway is in the natural, open position.

Clinically proven to remedy and prevent Flat Head Syndrome

In a recent clinical study by Alder Hey Children's Hospital, 29 out of 30 babies with Flat Head Syndrome showed significant* improvement in head shape (cranial vault asymmetry) after using a SleepCurve® mattress. The report concluded that the SleepCurve® mattress produced similar results as a baby helmet for treating Flat Head Syndrome. The authors also commented on how much more cost effective the mattress was (as well as being less obtrusive and more comfortable for baby).
*Average head asymmetry fell from 16mm to 5mm over the 6 month period.

Reduce Reflux for a better nights sleep

Acid reflux or posseting is unpleasant for your baby and is the cause of many a disturbed sleep. A SleepCurve® mattress has a gentle slope down towards the feet designed to help your baby, whilst still being totally comfortable and allowing your baby to sleep in a natural, comfortable position.

Allow baby’s head to move freely

All babies’ heads have a pronounced bulge at the back. In the early weeks of a baby's life the shape and weight of the head is too much for the undeveloped neck muscles to control movement. As a result babies lying on a flat mattress will end up with their head turned to one side or another. The unique hollow of a Sleepcurve® mattress allows the baby’s head to turn more freely, which has benefits for the spine and the muscles around the spine as well as the neck muscles.

Product Description

The SleepCurve® Moses Basket Mattress is suitable for babies from birth providing they weigh a minimum of 5lbs (2.3kg) Its unique ergonomic design delivers ultimate comfort for babies and peace of mind for parents.

The pack includes a mattress with a pre-fitted hypo-allergenic, anti-dustmite and washable mattress protector and two fitted sheets. You can also purchase additional sheet sets. Simply email 


(Mattress Size: 28cm x 75cm)  ALSO FITS MOST CARRY COTS


Common Questions

Is there any independent clinical proof of the effectiveness of the mattresses?
There has been a clinical study of the mattresses by Alder Hey Children's Hospital. They found that 29 of the 30 babies in the study had a significant improvement in head shape over the 6 month study period. The average was a 11mm improvement. The report concluded that SleepCurve mattresses were an 'effective treatment' with results similar to a baby helmet but at a fraction of the cost.

If my baby rolls over and doesn't stay with its head in the curve should I stop using a SleepCurve mattress?
There is no evidence of any detrimental effect of using a SleepCurve mattress once your baby can roll over independently. However, if your baby moves a lot or is rolling over regularly then we recommend that you review the use of the mattress. If your baby's head is not in the curve in the correct position the positive benefits of using the mattress are lost.

Customer Reviews

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  1. Brilliant product 5 Star Review

    I used this company for my eldest child and now again for my little girl. It's a brilliant product and I wouldn't go anywhere else. I ordered this around Christmas time and got the best customer service. Due to it being a bank holiday the lady rang and arranged a next day delivery at no extra cost so the mattress wouldn't be stuck in a warehouse somewhere for ages. Great products and great customer service so no complaints!

    Posted by on 7th Jan 2018

  2. Great results 4 Star Review

    I brought this mattress as my 10 week old had developed a flat spot on the back of her head. In just 3 weeks i can see a massive improvement. The only downside is the moses basket mattress is very long. I admit I didn't measure it, bit have a standard size moses back and had the cut the end of the mattress to get it to fit. Albeit I'm very pleased I brought it :)

    Posted by on 9th Nov 2017

  3. WHAT A DIFFERENCE 4 Star Review

    I bought the Moses matress as my baby had a favoured side to sleep matter how hard me and my partner tried turning her head she would end up back on the favoured side. She also slept through the night from 4 weeks and it soon became very apparent that she had flat head on on side along with slight ear misalignment and slight bulge to one side of fore head. We bought this when she was 12 weeks old. She is now turning 30 weeks and what a difference. She now has a nice round head and ear misalignment has improved significantly. We o le wish we bought this sooner. We were considering going down the helmet route but this has improved her head so much we no longer feel we have to. I would have rated 5 starts but due to position of the curve on the matress I feel like my baby outgrow it a bit more quickly than she could have. Well worth the money and would definitely buy again if I have another baby and I would use it from the very start.

    Posted by on 4th Jul 2017

  4. Love this product 5 Star Review

    My daughter has a slightly flat head and although I've not used this product for long enough to see if it's improvig I am impressed with the positioning of her airway. Before the mattress she used to snore slightly and you could really hear her breathing but now she is in the position with the mattress she seems to breath so much more freely and comfortably. I hardly hear her now! She also has acid reflux and it's nice knowing this helps with that too.

    The only niggle I have is in assumed all moses baskets are universal, and when I brought the mattresse I had to return buy a moses basket to fit. It's my own fault for not researching properly however it's something to look at before you assume it will fit yours.

    Posted by on 26th Jan 2017

  5. A complete change 5 Star Review

    In conjunction with a couple of treatments from Philip Owen both the mattress and the activity mat have made a tremendous difference. Our 4 week old now sleeps more soundly, his breathing is clear and posture greatly improved. I really feel that addressing this early in life will pay dividends further down the line. The idea of now using a traditional mattress without any support seems unthinkable and potentially detrimental to his health and development.

    Posted by on 22nd Aug 2016

  6. Wonderful Invention 5 Star Review

    This mattress is extremely impressive. Just by looking at your baby sleeping you know it is well supported and is breathing comfortably. It is a perfect size for a Moses basket and the mattress and sheets are very easily maintained. This is the second mattress I have purchased for my second grandchild ( a different household!) and I would have no hesitation in purchasing another if my third daughter had a baby. I would recommend that you buy one for the baby coming home from hospital.

    Posted by on 25th Jan 2016

  7. Quality and comfort 5 Star Review

    I've used this since birth on a recommendation. Fit well in Moses basket and is much better than the mattress that came with the basket in terms of quality and comfort. Mattress itself is waterproof so easy to maintain. Sheets fit easily. Baby seems comfortable and well-supported - only been using for a week so cannot comment further.

    Posted by on 13th Sep 2015

  8. Very clever design 5 Star Review

    I bought this for my baby that was getting a flat head and just the back in the middle. It is really clever and obvious that it helps take off a lot of the pressure from the back of the head. However, I didn't notice much improvement to my baby's head shape and so bought a wedge to get my baby sleeping on his side which has really helped. I think the Sleep Curve Mattress would be brilliant for wonky shaped heads rather than a flat in the middle of the head shape. Overall though I was very impressed with it and clearly a lot of research has gone into it.

    Posted by on 19th May 2015

  9. Too early to tell! 4 Star Review

    Brought the sleep curve mattress after discovering our son was developing a flat head on one side. Customer service was very good. Mattress came in good time and nicely packaged. It feels quite hard but appears good quality and quite deep. Our baby is still rather small so his head actually lies on an upside down incline at the moment which doesn't seem too comfortable but I assume he'll grow into it. It's a bit early to tell if it's worked or not at we've only had it a week!

    Posted by on 20th Jan 2015

  10. Great mattress highly recommended 5 Star Review

    We brought this mattress as our son wasn't sleeping very well on the flat mattress we got with the cot. It made a difference straight away. Our son seemed to be more comfortable and was breathing better and he is sleeping a lot better, and so are we!

    Posted by on 18th Jan 2014