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The only baby mattress designed to keep your baby cooler, aid breathing and prevent flat head syndrome

Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome

Customer Service

SleepCurve is only a small company but we do our best to answer your questions as quick as we possibly can.

If you have a query regarding the products you have purchased or are considering purchasing please use the form on the contact us page.

You can also talk to us via our Facebook page.

Below are links to pages containing some general advice on the use and care of the SleepCurve mattresses and sheets.  You should have received the relevant leaflet when you purchased your mattress.

PRODUCT INFORMATION - How to use and care for your SleepCurve mattress and sheets

Moses Basket Mattress

Crib Mattress

Cot Mattress

Cot Bed Mattress



Here are the answers to some regularly asked questions.

Can I buy a SleepCurve mattress from a retailer?

No, sorry!  You can only buy new SleepCurve products directly from this website -

We did sell our mattresses via Mothercare, John Lewis, Kiddicare etc but they wanted too high a margin which made the products too expensive in relation to a standard flat mattress (some were also more interested in promoting their own brand so our mattresses were pretty hidden!).  With over 40% of babies having some form of plagiocephaly, our objective is for everyone who wants a SleepCurve mattress to be able to get the information they need and to buy a mattress at a reasonable cost.

Is there any independent clinical proof of the effectiveness of the mattresses?

There has been a clinical study of the mattresses by Alder Hey Children's Hospital. They found that 29 of the 30 babies in the study had a significant improvement in head shape over the 6 month study period.  The average was a 11mm improvement.  The report concluded that SleepCurve mattresses were an 'effective treatment' with results similar to a baby helmet but at a fraction of the cost.

If my baby rolls over and doesn't stay with its head in the curve should I stop using a SleepCurve mattress?

There is no evidence of any detrimental effect of using a SleepCurve mattress once your baby can roll over independently.  However, if you baby moves a lot or is rolling over regularly then we recommend that you review the use of the mattress.  If your baby's head is not in the curve in the correct position the positive benefits of using the mattress are lost.