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The only baby mattress designed to keep your baby cooler, aid breathing and prevent flat head syndrome

Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome

Better posture

How SleepCurve gives babies a better sleeping position and aids better muscular development in the neck and spine



Why does your choice of baby mattress matter for muscle development

All babies’ heads have a pronounced bulge at the back.

In the early weeks of a baby's life the shape and weight of the head is too much for the undeveloped neck muscles to control movement.

As a result babies lying on a standard flat mattress will end up with their head turned to one side or another.

Because babies develop their muscles in the spine in response to movement it is therefore important to encourage movement in the most symmetrical way as possible. 

If babies are spending a long time with their head turned to one side this will effect their spine and back muscles and can lead to under development and issues such as torticollis.

How SleepCurve mattresses help to develop babies muscles 

When a baby is placed onto a SleepCurve mattress the shape of the mattress allows  the baby to move their head freely and to both sides. 

Even in a new born baby just one day old when the muscles are still weak the babies are able to move freely on a SleepCurve baby mattress.

Therefore the muscles supporting the neck will be more evenly developed.

Some babies will have a tendency to sleep with their heads turned to one side, even on a SleepCurve mattress.  However, unlike a flat mattress the curve of the SleepCurve mattress will still allow for a more even development of the muscles as your baby will find it easier to rotate their head.

What to do if you baby already is showing signs of developing neck or spinal issues

Unequal development of the neck muscles may self correct when a baby gets older and moves more but there is a chance that your baby could develop torticollis or other neck or spinal problems.

If your baby is still under 6 to 9 months we would recomend

- re positioning therapy and giving your baby plenty of tummy time

- use of the SleepCurve mattress for sleeping (up to 12 months old)

- visiting your GP or Midwife

- visiting a Paediatric Cranial Osteopath

- use of the SleepCurve Activity Mat

Please do not use sleep positioners as there is a risk of suffocation.