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The only baby mattress designed to keep your baby cooler, aid breathing and prevent flat head syndrome

Clinically proven to prevent flat head syndrome

Easier breathing

Improving Baby's Breathing

How Does a Regular Baby Mattress Affect Baby's Breathing?

When a baby is lying on their back on a flat surface, the head is tilted down with the chin touching the top of the chest.

This isn’t natural because it constricts the airways and a baby breathing like this is more likely not to sleep through the night.

Why Does This Happen?

Lying your baby on their back is the correct way according to the advice of The Lullaby Trust safe sleep directive.

However; every baby has a bulge at the back of their head (called an Occiput). With a regular mattress there is nowhere for this bulge to go on the flat surface which causes the baby’s chin to be pushed on to the chest.

This is not the optimum position to open the airways.

How Does a SleepCurve Baby Mattress Improve Baby's Breathing?

A SleepCurve© baby mattress allows the head to rest in a natural neutral position with the airways completely clear, babies breathing this way will be more comfortable and more likely to sleep through.

On the ergonomic SleepCurve mattress there is a small recess for the Occipital bulge which allows the baby to sleep in a relaxed position with their chin able to be lifted slightly from the chest, opening up airways. As seen in the demonstration in the video above.

Unique Baby Mattress Design to Help Baby Breathe Naturally

The SleepCurve mattress design team designed this mattress based on the position of the baby being held in the crook of the nursing elbow.

SleepCurve parents repeatedly report that their babies sleep more quietly and peacefully and when babies catch a normal respiratory infection, they are less affected because the airway is in the natural, open position.